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Mass Artisan was created on a passion for creativity with the goal of promoting the visual arts through hand-printed media (screen printing). In order to preserve the craft of screen printing we have decided to keep the human in our print process as much as possible. We run our shop on a manual printing press, hand-pulling each and every print that goes out of our shop. We take pride, not in having the best or most expensive equipment, but in producing the best quality prints through our passion, skill and experience.

 a coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape.

a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

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Each and every print is hand pulled here in New York.


This means more jobs, better prints, and the ability to label your products as hand-printed. 


In our search for creating the best quality prints we have decided to exclusively print using ECO-Friendly water-based inks. This enables us to produce durable, soft prints that allow the garment to breath. Most screen printing shops use plastisol inks as there standard, and charge a premium price for water-based printing. Plastisol ink is great for business, because its easier and cheaper to print with however it produces a thicker plastic-like print that doesn't breath and cracks over time which results in a less comfortable print. If a garment isn't comfortable it doesn't matter how cool the design is, people will be less inclined to wear it. For these reasons we exclusively print with water-based inks.


EST 2017


Made In

New York

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