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The cost of your custom screen printing job is based on a very simple formula. We have included that formula as well as the necessary information below so that you can give yourself a price estimate. Although the formula is simple, it can be tricky sometimes figuring out which garment is right for your job or which print price bracket your job falls into. For this reason we do recommend filling out our quote form to receive the most accurate price quote. If you want to crunch some numbers yourself please feel free use the resources below. 




Before materials are ordered for any job we require a deposit. Generally speaking this deposit is 50% total cost of the job. In certain cases, where the material cost is greater than 50% of total job cost ,we require a material cost deposit.

After Printing

After your order has been completed we require the remainder of the job cost to paid before shipment or pick-up.

We accept all major credit cards

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